Grace Pastoral Staff & Leadership

The staff and leadership here at Grace is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them.

  • Pastor andy petro

    Office Hours:     Tuesdays 1 - 5 PM       Wednesday 1 - 5 PM

    Cell:     a402 840-5056a      

    email: or click here

  • Nancy Nevius

    Office Adminstrator

    Nancy serves as our church's office administrator.  Her job entails coordinating prayer emails, preparing weekly bulletins, making sure things run smoothly on Sunday mornings, and hundreds of other things that are too many to list here!  You may contact Nancy by clicking here.

Grace Deacons

  • Bruce Nevius


    Bruce serves as our Finance Deacon and his responsibilities include: he receives and hold all monies of the church; issue receipts when necessary; pay all obligations regularly as directed by the Deacon Board; and give a report to each local conference meeting or the Deacon Board as required.  You may contact Bruce by clicking here.

  • Greg Hines

    Facilities Trustee

    Greg serves as our Facilities Deacon and his responsibilities include: he shall hold in trust the property and shall be responsible for its care and maintenance, unless other provisions are made for holding the property. He shall act for the church in connection with all legal matters. Where title to property is held by the Grace Missionary Church he shall have the power to mortgage, encumber, sell and convey any real or personal property of the church and enter into all lawful contracts, in the name of and in behalf of the church when so directed and authorized by the Deacon Board. It shall be his duty to see that all properties are kept in good repair. He shall make an annual report to the local conference.  

  • Jim Stahly

    Visitation Deacon

    Jim serves as our Visitation Deacon and his responsibilities include: he shall oversee the visitation ministry of Grace Missionary Church. His ministry shall pay particular care to see to those members of the congregation who are widowed or otherwise without companionship and support enjoyed by others within the body.  You may contact Jim by clicking here.

  • Kirby Taylor

    Hospitality Deacon

    Kirby serves as our Hospitality Deacon and his responsibilities include: he shall oversee the greeting ministry and other ministries affiliated with welcoming people to the church. In addition the Hospitality Deacon will oversee the operation of the nursery, arrange for children’s church, and facilitate baptisms, share meals, and other social functions.  

  • Delton Stauffer

    Outreach Deacon

    Delton serves as our Outreach Deacon and his responsibilities include: he will direct the congregation as it seeks to reach the local community with the gospel. The Outreach Deacon shall also oversee the nursing home ministry and direct the prayer ministry of Grace Missionary Church.  Delton also is responsible for our sign ministry at Grace.  You may contact Delton by clicking here.

Our Ministry Partners

At Grace, we don't pretend to serve our community or our world alone. We have so many partners and co-laborers we whole-heartedly support (both financially and with our time and other resources) that we would love to put you in contact with them. If you are curious about this list of ministry partners, please contact us.